Painter Info for UP06-Greensboro, NC

Morgan B

October 15th, 2014


You are invited to compete at Ultimate Painting #06 in Greensboro, NC on Nov. 14th, 2014!


You must ACCEPT this invitation to participate.
If you do not accept within 48 hours your spot may not be guaranteed.


Event Information

Ultimate Painting 06
Greensboro, NC
The Creative Center
900 Sixteenth Street

Doors open to public: 7pm


Competition details (inc. prizing / silent auction)

Ultimate Painting is live competitive painting. 12 painters create the best work they can using only acrylic paint across three 20 minute rounds of public painting. 6 painters will compete in Round 1, another 6 in Round 2, the top two painters from each round will go into a 3rd and Final Round with a new canvas. The audience vote for the winners of each round, and the single winner of each event.

Works created at Ultimate Painting 06 will be silent auctioned with 50% of the proceeds going to the artists. The winner determined by audience vote will win a cash prize of 100$ and a spot in the 2015 Regional Finals to be held Summer 2015.

There is no cost to participate in Ultimate Painting

Organizer Contact information

Jeff Beck is our Greensboro Local Partner and will be your on-site contact. If you need to get a hold of UP on the day of the event please contact Jeff. His cell number is 336-460-2072, and email is [email protected]

What to bring

UP will provide the following materials – canvas, paint, easels, water containers, palettes, paper mixing plates and shop towels for rags. You should bring only your BRUSHES and any other non-mechanical tools you would like to use.

Invite friends

Please invite friends to the UP16 event page on Facebook

You can also engage with us on social media using hashtags like #ultimatepainting #20minpainting #artbattle

More Answers

Please review our artist FAQ for questions related to allowed materials, guests, competition rules ect. –

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