An Interview with Jamil Keyani – Champion Painter

An Interview with Jamil Keyani – Champion Painter


May 22nd, 2014


Jamil Keyani – Champion Painter




How did you get involved in live competitive painting? Has it impacted you as an artist?

I got into live competitive painting being involved in the community in Vancouver. The time limitation and competitive element forced me to try new techniques and trust my instincts, and the artists I’ve spent time with have totally changed my approach to painting. It was a catalyst that resulted in my first solo show and continues to open doors today.




You seem to have a wide array of creative experience, from interior, graphic and fashion design to fine art and sculpture. Do you find each to be its own entity, or do they inform each other in your work?

I think art is a language we speak. Your ability to communicate it expresses as a visual intuition, as good taste. Ira Glass said something about that. Once you have some vocabulary, apply it across the board. I tried so many things because I was willing to learn, and I spent time with generous people more fluent in art. Being a jack of all trades gives me a unique perspective, and allows me to remain in a place of learning.


Do you think that community is important in art?

Community is important in all life, it’s where we get feedback and support. For me it has been the difference between thriving, or simply getting by. I dropped out of college, but I’ve had more teachers and mentors than I can count. Being a part of the arts community is how I hone my skills today.