Common Ground

Emily Simenauer to compete at Common Ground

Emily Simenauer to compete at Common Ground

Amalia G

July 7th, 2014



Ultimate Painting is pleased to announce the tenth painter chosen to compete at UP: Common Ground, July 10-13th. Congratulations to Emily!

Her excellent work is featured below. Let us know what you think on our new twitter account @ultpainting. Stay tuned to for more painter announcements. Painters can apply to compete here. For UP: Common Ground, there is a $1,000 prize so join us today!

Growing up in southern Michigan on the beaches of Lake Eerie, Emily learned to love animals, nature, music and art. She is currently attending Michigan State University and is looking to continue to pursue her passion in art. Her freshman year really pushed her to take her art more seriously and has now become a life goal. Emily uses her art as a conceptual confession of herself. She tries to find a balance between abstract and realistic when designing anything and often uses her dream journal as a source of inspiration. Emily hopes to finish college and travel the U.S. selling her works. Come watch Emily show us her stuff at Common Ground this weekend!