Common Ground

Elyse Gambino to paint at Common Ground

Elyse Gambino to paint at Common Ground

Amalia G

June 23rd, 2014


Ultimate Painting is pleased to announce the seventh painter chosen to compete at UP: Common Ground, July 10-13th. Congratulations to Elyse!

Her brilliant work is featured below. Let us know what you think on our new twitter account @ultpainting. Stay tuned to for more painter announcements. Painters can apply to compete here. For UP: Common Ground, there is a $1,000 prize so join us today!

Elyse Gambino has a thirst for knowledge, creativity and laughter. Her current work is an exploded view of captivity, which she defines as being held physically or mentally against your will, without the ability to free yourself either in reality or imagined. Elyse explores this concept by casting a wide net of research covering humanitarian issues to areas as specific as the personal questions of how, why, and by whom she is being held captive. She questions how much conceptual and visual information is necessary for a viewer to understand that, while she is not painting reality judiciously, she is painting truthfully. The breaking down of a picture plane has become integral to how she communicates; Elyse seeks areas of solid color or near abstraction as visual and emotional resting places. Come support Elyse at the Common Ground Music Festival on July 10th-12th!