Common Ground

Corey Julian to paint at Common Ground

Corey Julian to paint at Common Ground

Amalia G

July 2nd, 2014



Ultimate Painting is pleased to announce the ninth painter chosen to compete at UP: Common Ground, July 10-13th. Congratulations to Corey!

His excellent work is featured below. Let us know what you think on our new twitter account @ultpainting. Stay tuned to for more painter announcements. Painters can apply to compete here. For UP: Common Ground, there is a $1,000 prize so join us today!

Full time artist and life-long drifter, Corey is constantly mystified by the human condition. He believes that the only way to truly be an artist, is to live in the darkest corners of the world which is why he currently chooses to live & work in Detroit, the only bankrupt city in America. Corey paints in both his studio and in the street because he was never privy to a vote on the grey landscape that surrounds his modern metropolis.  He enjoys trying to understand the limitations of consciousness. His subject matter revolves around the honest skeletons of all our closets including sex, drugs, and alternate lifestyles. Corey is obsessed with the bandit in us all — a combination of Robin Hood and Blackbeard. He sells his own work and will be competing for your vote! Come support Corey and watch him do his thing, live, in front of an audience of hundreds.