Ultimate Painting: Artist Frequently Asked Questions

Morgan B

June 1st, 2014


1. What is Ultimate Painting

2. Competition breakdown and voting

3. Materials

4. Painting sales, auction and image usage

5. General questions


1. What is Ultimate Painting?

Ultimate Painting (UP) is a live event series celebrating artistic talent. Painters create their best work in only 20 minutes using acrylic paint, across 3 rounds, while the audience votes to choose the winner. The top 2 painters from each round advance to the final round, and have another 20 minutes and a fresh canvas, and the top voted painter is crowned the Ultimate Painting Champion for their event.

2. Competition breakdown and voting

How does the competition work?

The 12 painters are split up into two 20 minute rounds. The top 2 painters from each round (determined by audience vote) will paint a second time in the 3rd and Final Round. The Final Round has the same rules as the first two rounds. The top voted painter from the Final is the Ultimate Painting Winner!

Will you announce timing during the round?

Yes, each round is 20 minutes, we will count down to start the round, and will make announcements at 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute and the final 10 seconds.

Is there a theme?

Nope! We want you to paint what you love painting :)

How many paintings will each artist create?

All participating artists will create 1 painting, the 4 artists who are voted into the final round will create a 2nd painting. All rounds are 20 minutes in length.

Do artists get to vote?

Yes! We encourage you to vote for your favourite painting in each round.

….Can an artist vote for themselves?


What happens if I win?

If you win an Ultimate Painting event, you will represent your community in the regional championships to be held in June. Regional and City Finals dates and locations will take place May-June in 2015.

The Winners of the regional/city Finals will compete in the 2015 Ultimate Painting Championship.

3. Materials

What does UP provide?

Ultimate Painting will be providing paint,canvas, easels, palettes, water containers, paper mixing plates, and shop towels for rags.

What do I need to bring?

Your brushes and any non-mechanical tools you would like to use. (It is helpful to mark your brushes with your initials)

What materials are allowed at Ultimate Painting?

UP is an acrylic paint only competition. We ask that artists only use the paint provided by UP, artists are asked not to bring their own paint. Pencil, pen, marker, chalk, glitter, spray paint, gesso, acrylic medium, ect. are not permitted or provided.

What tools are allowed at Ultimate Painting?

Any non-mechanical tools are allowed. ie. Brushes, palette knives, scrapers, kitchen utensils, tape, rollers, sponges etc.

Mechanical tools i.e., spray bottles, air brushes, etc. are not permitted.

Are photo/drawing/sketchbook references allowed?

Reference material is not permitted at the easel once the 20 minute painting period has started.

What colours will you be providing?

  • Titanium White

  • Black

  • Bright Yellow

  • Bright Red

  • Bright Orange

  • Phthalo Green

  • Primary Cyan or other dark hue (Blue)

  • Cerulean (light Blue)

  • Unbleached Titanium

  • Burnt Umber (dark brown)


Can I bring my own paint?

To keep an even playing field, we ask that artists only use the paint provided by Ultimate Painting.

How big is the canvas?

The canvas will be 18x 24 or a little larger.

4. Painting sales, auction and image usage

How do the painting sales work?

All of the work created at Ultimate Painting is sold in silent auction during the event. Artists receive 50% of payment received from buyers. If your buyer pays on the night of the event, we are happy to pay you in cash that night. If your buyer pays after the event, we will forward payment via email money transfer once we have received payment.

If you are painting in a regular season event, please contact [email protected]

What happens to paintings that don’t sell?

Paintings that do not sell at the event go into the UP library and are made available for after event sales inquiries.

Image Usage

By participating in Ultimate Painting, you agree to let us use photographs of you and/or your work at the event for promotional purposes. Paintings created at UP are the property of Ultimate Painting Inc. and painters will receive 50% of total auction sales. Photographs of your work may be used for promotional purposes and for historical documentation. We will NOT sell reproductions of your work without your written permission.

 5. General Questions

Can I wear headphones to listen to my own music?

Yes, no problem! Whatever gets you into your painting zone.

I know artists, how can they paint in Ultimate Painting?

We love meeting artists! Please send them to our application page  @ www.ultimatepainting.com/apply

How are artists chosen for Ultimate Painting?

Artists are chosen based on the quality of their submission, and competition space availability. If you are reading this you’ve been chosen, so congrats, you rock!

How can I invite my friends?

Please invite your friends via the official Ultimate Painting Facebook event pages:


Where can my friends and family get tickets?

Tickets for Ultimate Painting events are available at www.ultimatepainting.com

Tickets will also be available at the door!

See you at the easel! :)