Common Ground

Alexander Cyr to compete at Common Ground

Alexander Cyr to compete at Common Ground

Amalia G

July 8th, 2014




Ultimate Painting is pleased to announce the eleventh painter chosen to compete at UP: Common Ground, July 10-13th. Congratulations to Alexander!

His amazing work is featured below. Let us know what you think on our new twitter account @ultpainting. Stay tuned to for more painter announcements. Painters can apply to compete here. For UP: Common Ground, there is a $1,000 prize so join us today!

Alex is a graphic designer recently graduated from Michigan State University. He likes to kill time by playing instruments, creating ideas and images, and just taking in the world around him. Alex is sometimes the most quiet in a room, other times bouncing off the walls, but always with a smile on his face. His art is an exploration of color, line, and mood. Each image he starts is without a plan, picking one spot to begin and moving out from in. The process begins anxious and unsure, but through persistence, Alex develops a feel for the drawing, He eventually knows just what it needs. By not following a set plan, his drawing and painting becomes an active process, constantly reacting and responding to his marks. Alex wants to draw the viewer in, show them something new, surprise them, add a little mystery and perhaps cause them to question just what is. Come watch Alex compete against Michigan’s finest at Common Ground this weekend!