About Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting (UP) is a live event series celebrating artistic talent. Painters create their best work in only 20 minutes, across 3 rounds, while the audience votes to choose the winner. Music plays, drinks rise, and audiences witness paintings emerge from the minds of their favorite artists. The best painters advance to regional and national championships, where Art Stars are born!

The Painters

We’ve worked with more than 1000 artists from coast-to-coast over the last 5 years, forging collaborative communities and breaking ground for emerging and professional artists. Ultimate Painting amplifies courage and creativity though a vast social network, fostering a traditional media and grassroots audience for local artists. Getting famous has never been this fun! We facilitate interaction between artists and buyers, discovering Art Stars that communities can celebrate together. Ultimate Painting is about art improving through friendly competition, and celebrating your creative achievements. If you’re ready, just step up to the canvas and embrace this exhilarating experience, it easy to apply!


The Organizers

To discover Art Stars, we collaborate with local communities to support and celebrate the arts. Our organizers bring their passion and courage to host exciting competitive painting events that make our world better. We work together connecting artists and buyers, while creating a safe and exciting space for friendly competition. Successful in rallying their communities around local Art Stars, these hero’s are leaders who amplify art across the nation.  Let’s work together, delivering the most exciting and effective platform to promote the arts! Apply to be an organizer for your community.

The Audience, Our Friends, You!

Our audience loves to support their community while building and celebrating the arts. For the art beginner or the experienced buyers, it’s a great place to make new friends and meet cool people. You might just find you first painting, or that perfect piece integral to your collection. All works of art created at Ultimate Painting are auctioned during the event, with artists sharing sales of their work. The  magic is about building real connections by sharing the artistic process.  Join us at our next event!